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Maximize Event Lead Generation with Sparklead

We can focus on Event Planning while Sparklead generates Event Attendees for us.

What we offer to businesses

Expect a guaranteed number of registrations at your event
Pre-event contact and post-event follow-up for improved conversion
An additional channel for driving registrations and event promotion
Lead database for future use
Project progress reports

Achieved 112% KPI and Proceeded over 6,000 New Contacts

Collaborating with Sparklead led to valuable contacts, high-quality leads, and almost 7,000 new prospects in just two months. Their expertise in outreach surpassed our expectations, and the collaboration was smooth and problem-free.
Mirabella Fernandez
Head of Events at Loovent

Event-Centric Selection and Direct Lead Generation for Your Business

Event Lead Gen from Scratch for Business Representatives

We bring event attendees directly to your stand, representing your company, using an outbound marketing.
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Meetings with Prospects Attending the Event

We identify highly relevant contacts from the registered event participants and arrange meetings with them. You can rely on both the quantity and quality you need.
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Organize a Lead-generating Event

We research, segment, and personalize outreach to your target audience, providing valuable registration channels and real-time connections for clients.
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How We Do That

Step 1
Product ICPs and USP Formalization
Step 2
Research and Data Enrichment
Designing a Customer Database from GDPR-Compliant Sources
Step 3
Content Creation
Lead gen cadence setup and maintenance
Step 4
Lead Generation Design
Setting up Automation and Account Warming for Outreach
Step 5
Lead Generation Execution
Launching Outreach Campaign across Multiple Channels