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Services To Fuel Your Pipeline

Lead generation

What you get:

  • Targeted Leads into your Pipeline
  • Improved messages and profile looks
  • Relevant tools, tech stack, processes, tactics
  • Instruments for lead nurturing

What we do:

  • Discover your TAM, ICP, data sources and tools
  • Develop contact list from database with clean and enriched data
  • Set up campaigns for outreach, sales and marketing automation
  • Run lead generation strategy via email, Linkedin outreach and inbound marketing

Cross-sell | Upsell

What you get:

  • An audit of your CRM and sales workflow
  • An effective follow-up and nurturing process for prospects
  • Upsell and cross-sell techniques tailored to your business
  • An increase in your deal close rate

What we do:

  • Conduct a sales cadence review and improvement
  • Provide tips for running winning discovery calls
  • Engage additional decision-makers in the project
  • Launch win-back campaigns to address churn opportunities

Marketing Consulting

What you get:

  • On-demand review of existing marketing process
  • Go-to-market lead generation strategy
  • Three-month period for implementation and assessment

What we do:

  • Instruct on how to build a basic lead generation engine internally
  • Help build your ICP and USV
  • Create a messaging matrix
  • Design lead generation models

The success stories of our clients reflect our effectiveness

Record-Breaking 30-40% Response Rate, Resulting in Engagements with 100+ Key Decision-Makers

I've never experienced such outreach in 30+ years of go-to-market. Initially I've been skeptical, because I felt like the age of email is over. But luckily we followed the recommendation and we've been shocked in a positive way about the results.
Michael Ganser
Executive Chairman at OpenTelehealth
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Achieved 112% KPI and Proceeded over 6,000 New Contacts

Collaborating with Sparklead led to valuable contacts, high-quality leads, and almost 7,000 new prospects in just two months. Their expertise in the outreach campaign surpassed our expectations, and the collaboration was smooth and problem-free.
Mirabella Fernandez
Head of Events at Loovent
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Achieved active prospects pipeline growth by 25%

Consulting with Sparklead led us to a significant 10-15% boost in metrics for reaching and engaging with potential customers from new markets. I believe this growth is related to highly personalized and adaptable approaches. Instead of following a general process, their experts discovered our specific needs and addressed them with guaranteed results. We continue our collaboration, involving our other products in Sparklead's lead generation services.
Dmytro Martynchuk
Head of Growth at Gravitec
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The leads provided by Sparklead were relevant to our specific industry and played a big role in promoting our brand in the new market.

To connect with potential clients for our association's 20 furniture companies, we approached Sparklead on the advice of USAID. We were impressed by Sparklead's practical and realistic approach to attracting the right people to our event. Through close collaboration with their team, we achieved outstanding results within just one month, with over 200 registrations and 77 confirmed attendees for our trade mission in London. These achievements surpassed our previous efforts and laid a solid groundwork for future growth and success in the UK market.
Oksana Donska
Board Member of Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers
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The leads provided by Sparklead were relevant to our specific industry and played a big role in promoting our brand in the new market.

We participated in a furniture event in the UK where we had the opportunity to showcase our brand and establish valuable connections within the market. Our lead generation in the event was made possible thanks to Sparklead. We were able to hold 30 personal meetings in just two days, which proved to be a great opportunity to build strong relationships with potential clients. Overall, our experience with Sparklead was excellent and instrumental in our growth in the UK.
Roman Mykhailov
Commercial Representative of Panoptikum Collections

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