Record-Breaking 30-40% Response Rate, 100+ appointments booked with Key Decision-Makers in 4 months

Michael Ganser, Executive Chairman at OpenTelehealth

Goal: Establish leadership in the market, increasing pipeline and sales

Result: Achieved 30-40% Response Rate, Resulting in Engagements with 100+ Key Decision-Makers

User Card: 
Website: oth.io  
Number of employees: 15 
Founded: 2015
Industry: Healthcare

The Company

OpenTelehealth (or OTH.io) is a Danish-based company that has been revolutionizing the healthcare market for the past six years with its innovative virtual care platform. Recognizing the broken state of healthcare systems worldwide, such as the rising cost of healthcare systems and a shortage of healthcare professionals, OTH.io saw an opportunity to transform the industry. They created a universal cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform known as.

Unlike traditional healthcare models where patients visit doctors for treatment, OTH.io's platform  enables patients to measure health data at home, using an app and a wide range of medical measurement devices.This data is then securely transmitted to healthcare providers who can analyze it, take necessary actions, and provide medical recommendations.

The Goals

We interviewed Michael Ganser, the former Executive Chairman at OpenTelehealth, to discuss his collaboration with Sparklead. Michael held a private executive role, overseeing strategy and execution plans, including the development of lead generation approaches.

Despite their groundbreaking platform, the company struggled to define a clear sales strategy and reach the right target audience. As a result, their pipeline remained empty, hindering their ability to grow and achieve profitability.

“There have been a couple of key challenges while the company has not been successful with lead generation and pretty much had an empty pipeline because they had no set strategy.”

The founders acknowledged the need to reach the right audience but had no lead generation plan in place. As a result, they struggled to connect with the right prospects.

A major challenge was prioritizing target countries to avoid overwhelm. The company considered factors like disease prioritization, language, and proximity. As the core team consisted of German-speaking members with familiarity in Northern Europe, they focused on the Swiss and German markets.

Another issue was undefined buyer persona, lacking understanding of the ideal customer's characteristics and needs. This focus on persona development played a pivotal role in shaping future marketing and sales initiatives.

The Challenges

When OTH.io embarked on their journey, they had two primary goals in mind.

1. Establish thought leadership and become the go-to solution provider in the virtual care industry, anticipating widespread adoption by care providers in the future.

“We need to be seen as thought leaders. We need to get visible, telling the story, cases, making it compelling, creating momentum.”

2. Increase pipeline and sales. As a company with limited funding, OTH.io faced the challenge of achieving profitability in a market. They focused on enhancing their company's profile, addressing website issues, and developing marketing materials.

“And secondly, the goal was to increase the pipeline and sales, focusing on the objective of treating 100,000 patients over the platform, which we referred to as the 'Road to 100,000 patients'.”

The Results

To execute revamped strategy, OTH.io undertook several initiatives. They renewed their website, creating compelling content and stories that aligned with their key themes. Simultaneously, they launched a LinkedIn campaign, carefully defining their target audience. OTH.io's outreach efforts were unprecedented, resulting in a remarkable response rate from key decision-makers.

“I've never experienced such outreach in 30+ years of go-to-market. We had response rates between 30 and 40%. Within three to four months, from being a non-player in the market, we engaged in video meetings with approximately 100 key decision-makers from the largest and most influential care providers.”

Through their comprehensive outreach efforts, OTH.io managed to engage in video meetings with approximately 100 key decision-makers from influential care providers within a span of three to four months.

Why Sparklead

In the perspective of OTH.io, the collaboration with Sparklead proved immensely helpful to the company. At the initial stages, during discussions with Sparklead, lead gen experts pointed out a missing element that was crucial for OTH.io's success. By listening to Sparklead's insights and incorporating their recommendations, OTH.io was able to build on their existing strategies and execute them effectively.

“I highly recommend working with Sparklead. Because of the experience and the sheer success of what has been done. Second, because of the people creating the company. I think business is a people business, and I have unbelievable trust in the specialists I know in the organization. So, I would confidently recommend Sparklead to any organization out there.”

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