Achieved active prospects pipeline growth by 25% 

Dmytro Martynchuk, Head of Growth at Gravitec

Goal:To enhance lead generation rates in new markets

Result: Achieved active prospects pipeline growth by 25%

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Website: gravitec.net 
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The Company

Gravitec.net is a leading SaaS web-push notification service, recognized as one of the top five products globally in the industry. With over 7 years on the market, the company primarily focuses on collaborating with online media and news sites.

While initially concentrating on domestic markets like Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the company embarked on a strategic expansion plan five years ago, targeting Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking nations such as LATAM countries, Spain, and Portugal. Recently, Gravitec.net has also decided to venture into English-speaking countries, particularly the United States.

During this expansion phase, Gravitec.net relied on direct sales efforts, employing various outreach methods including email, LinkedIn, cold calls, and face-to-face meetings. Despite the absence of marketing support at the time, the company demonstrated great results in business growth. 

The Challenges

  • Manual Outreach Processes and Lack of Automation 
  • Market Expansion and Revenue Growth 

We spoke with Dmytro Martynchuk, Head of Growth at Gravitec, about his experience of cooperation with Sparklead. Dmytro is responsible for leading sales and automation processes across multiple businesses.

What goals did you set for yourself?

“First, we aimed to expand into new markets, and second, to achieve revenue growth and establish market leadership in domestic markets. By implementing automation tools, we aimed to streamline our outreach processes and gain valuable insights through metrics such as click-through rates and email open rates. Additionally, we sought to solidify our position as the top service for online media in Ukraine.”

What problem did you face?

“Initially, our approach to lead generation was outdated; we were operating like dinosaurs in the digital age. We primarily relied on manual methods such as sending individual emails, LinkedIn messages, and invitations. Realising the need for a better and more scalable approach, we conducted a thorough examination of available automation tools for outreach and subsequently started using them.”

The Solution:

Even though Gravitec had successfully used outreach to attract customers in new markets, they were still looking for ways to improve lead generation. They wondered how to generate more leads in these markets, even after automating outreach efforts. That's when Gravitec sought the consulting services of Sparklead.

“The solutions we received from Sparklead included a comprehensive audit of our outreach process and materials, specifically tailored to our product. They provided valuable recommendations and personally executed them across various aspects, including the number of messages chain and the content we utilized.”

The Results

“After consulting with Sparklead experts, we have observed positive changes in our indicators. Our open rate and reply rate have increased for both email and LinkedIn outreach, and we Achieved active prospects pipeline growth by 25%. These qualitative and quantitative improvements have been a result of their guidance and assistance.”

Why Sparklead

“I’ve already recommended Sparklead to companies struggling with lead generation. What sets them apart is their personalized approach to projects. Unlike other agencies, Sparklead really adjusts their services to meet your needs and KPIs. Their expertise in various marketing and sales aspects is impressive and goes beyond what traditional agencies offer. If you're seeking reliable and impactful lead generation services, Sparklead is the go-to choice. They have exceeded our expectations, and I am confident they will do the same for your business too.”

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