20 Furniture Companies Gained 70+ Potential Clients On Trade Mission In London

Oksana Donska, Board Member of Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers
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The Company

USAID is the world's premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results. As part of the Competitive Economy Program, USAID promotes the development of the Ukrainian economy by supporting startups and small and medium-sized businesses.

Ukrainian Association of Furniture Manufacturers (UAFM) is a professional service organization for domestic and international furniture manufacturers. UAFM provides the networks and the resources needed for cooperation into the Ukrainian furniture market. 

As a result of the war in Ukraine, the local market has contracted significantly, with foreign buyers showing reluctance to visit the country. In light of this, UAFM has shifted its attention towards participating in specialized international exhibitions and trade missions, one of which involved the Sparklead team to collect leads and find the target audience for over 20 furniture companies. 

The Challenges

Sparklead cooperated with UAFM as part of the "Furniture of Ukraine Trade Mission to London" event supported by USAID.

“While organizing the mission to London, we faced challenges due to our limited staff and the simultaneous preparation of two events. Previously, we handled event registrations on our own, but the workload required extra help, specifically for lead generation.”

To tackle this challenge, UAFM decided to hire specialists who could focus solely on generating leads for the events. This allowed them to use internal resources more efficiently and ensure that the registration process received the attention it needed.

The Goals

“Our main goal for the “Furniture of Ukraine Trade Mission to London” event was quite extensive. It involved more than just generation leads, in our case it was registrations on the event, - we also had to arrange meetings for over 20 furniture companies and, most importantly, make sure that real people attended these meetings at the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK.”

The Solution

“We suggested Sparklead as one of the agencies that could help provide relevant attendees for the event. Since this was a completely new format and location for UAFM, it was difficult to ensure both high-quality preparation and the attendance quota on its own.”
USAID program coordinator
“After USAID recommendation, and having 2-3 preliminary meetings with Sparklead, we were impressed with your practical and realistic approach to lead generation, event registration, and meeting participation. This led us to involve your team in our project.”

To achieve the goal, we followed a step-by-step approach. 

1. We identified a base of the relevant accounts and contacted them, having previously set up profiles of UAFM employees from which we communicated with prospects.

“Among the various services Sparklead provided, there were specific aspects that proved to be very useful to us. Firstly, the initial stage of targeting our desired clients was well-executed. Together, we created a rating system to prioritize these contacts, deciding whom to focus on and whom to exclude. We also appreciated the use of our LinkedIn accounts, which resulted in long-term benefits. These contacts not only became relevant for the event but also potential clients and followers for future events.”

2. In terms of channels, we used a mix of outbound and inbound marketing to enhance the omnichannel approach, since it was the first present on the market for each of the companies. 

Sparklead team was in charge of delivering and providing full digital materials, including website, and marketing materials for channels such as: 

  • Linkedin outreach 
  • Email marketing 
  • Facebook advertising
“LinkedIn Outreach has shown the highest success rate and has been identified as the most effective channel for our industry for sure.”

Once we made contact, we guided prospects through the registration process to ensure their participation in the event.

“We found the weekly detailed reports to be helpful to adjust the process. We also appreciated the constant communication and your team's commitment to achieving results. Additionally, your professional advice on branding and promo materials was valuable.”

The Results

Based on the team's previous experience in coordinating 3 trade missions abroad, this particular event in London proved to be the most successful and achieved the largest number of meetings among the companies.

In one month we reached over 200 people who registered for the event, confirmed their attendance, resulting in 77 individuals finally attending the event. 

“The trade mission to London, organized in cooperation with your company, was our first experience with such a large group of 20 participants, and it proved to be more successful than our previous endeavors of similar scale.”

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