80+  Registrations in 1.5 Months in Renewable Energy, 108% Over KPI

Timur Iakymenko, CMO at Atmosfera

Goal: Generate qualified registrations for a renewable energy exhibition.

Result: Achieved 80+  Registrations in 1.5 Months, 108% Over KPI.

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Renewable Energy

The Company

Atmosfera has been developing energy solutions for businesses and homes since 2007. They specialize in building solar stations and providing backup power.

We spoke with Timur Iakymenko, Chief Marketing Officer at Atmosfera, to get his impressions of working with Sparklead after completing the first project.

The Goals

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Atmosfera made a strategic decision to shift its business model from a distributor to a consumer-oriented one. In line with this transformation, the company began to expand to the European market. This is how Atmosfera approached Sparklead with one of their projects.peration with Sparklead.

“The main goal right now is expansion into Europe, and lead generation there.”

At the end of October, Atmosfera participated in the 'CISOLAR 2023 Trade Show' held in Bucharest. As part of the company's expansion strategy, this exhibition served as an acquisition channel to attract new customers. To generate registrations from three countries, they engaged Sparklead to bring in targeted attendees.

The Challenges:

The primary challenge in this project was that the European renewable energy market is crowded, and Atmosfera wasn't well-known to European players during the CISOLAR 2023 Trade Show.

“Once there was high demand and a shortage of goods, you could sell to everyone and everything. But now, the European market is highly saturated.”

To maximize the output and benefits of their participation in the exhibition, they also needed to be sure about the number of potential clients they would meet. Without focusing on potential prospects, there is always a risk of simply interacting with non-target individuals or other sellers. Sparklead successfully assisted Atmosfera in overcoming this challenge.

“Attending an exhibition involves costs, and since our time is valuable, we don't want to stand around waiting for potential clients to show interest. Therefore, we have decided to create a list of specific clients in advance whom we can reach out to and offer to meet at the exhibition. Sparklead made it happen."

The Results:

The results of the outreach campaign have achieved their goal. We aimed to secure 80 registrations in just 1.5 months, with attendees committed to the meeting. During the short campaign period, we exceeded the KPI by 108%.

According to Timur, there were instances of no-shows despite multiple registrations; yet, the days of the CISOLAR Trade Show were filled with useful and promising meetings.

“Around 40% of those who registered to meet with us actually visited our booth. However, during the event, our sales representatives held meetings with targeted clients constantly, and the process of closing agreements is still ongoing.”

Why Sparklead

“Sparklead sticks to its structured approach in lead generation, precisely what Atmosfera needed. The agency follows its strategy: there is no lack of focus and uncertainty in the plan.”

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