80+  Registrations in 1.5 Months in Renewable Energy, 108% Over KPI

Timur Iakymenko, CMO at Atmosfera

Goal: Generate qualified registrations for a renewable energy exhibition.

Result: Achieved 80+  Registrations in 1.5 Months, 108% Over KPI.

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Renewable Energy
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The Company

Atmosfera has been creating energy solutions for businesses and homes since 2007, focusing on building and distributing solar stations and panels. 

Sparklead has been collaborating with Atmosfera, actively assisting in the development of their expansion strategy across Europe. Our team conducts localized lead generation in European target markets and enhances traditional outreach with lead generation at business events. 

It's time to draw conclusions and highlight our initial achievements. Timur Iakymenko, CMO at Atmosfera, will help us with this.

The Goals

There was still a lack of understanding of how exactly to generate leads strategically, as there was no brand awareness for entering new geographical areas and no established marketing channels.

The main goal right now is expansion into Europe, and lead generation there.”
Timur Iakymenko, CMO at Atmosfera


Decisions were made to engage in international industry events like exhibitions, fairs, conferences, and trade shows because they offer significant value for hardware products, providing valuable experiences for customers and investors, fostering strong emotional connections with the product.

Regarding events, we conducted thorough research on their types, size, and audience relevance. We sorted and examined potential participants to form a solid database, reaching out to them with well-crafted messaging, special propositions, and follow-ups.


Everything started with the 'CISOLAR 2023 Trade Show' in Bucharest at the end of autumn 2023. In a new and highly saturated market, the exhibition served as an acquisition channel to attract new customers. To maximize the benefits of Atmosfera's participation, our team ensured that Atmosfera would meet enough potential clients within just 1.5 months.

Without focusing on potential prospects, there is always a risk of simply interacting with non-target individuals or other sellers. Sparklead successfully assisted Atmosfera in overcoming this challenge.”
Timur Iakymenko, CMO at Atmosfera

Following the experience gained from the CISOLAR 2023 Trade Show, a decision was made to enter the Italian market. This involved a four-month campaign, including general outreach and event lead generation for KEY Energy 2024. 

The Key Energy Event ended with promising results, boasting 260 contacts, 52 meetings, and 2 commercial proposals—an impressive outcome indeed.

Following the success of the event we expanded the outreach to wider client ICP resulting in meeting…with 40 potential  clients in 2,5 months

In my opinion, the key to building long-lasting and reliable partnerships with a client is flexibility and compromise. We met our Atmosfera client halfway with the proposition wording change, and it did contribute to strengthening our business relationship.”
Daryna Chumak, SDR at Sparkead 

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