Beating Targets: 105% of sales appointments goal in iGaming


Goal: To generate 35 sales appointments with desired ICP

Pain: Limited brand awareness and the need to drive lead acquisition

The Company

B2B Technology Solutions Provider for the IGaming Business

B2B Technology Solutions Provider for the IGaming Business approached us as a young team that had undergone rebranding and wanted to position themselves in the market from a new perspective. Despite being relatively young, the client has had a solid product for a while — a platform for sportsbook and casino, which is a competitive player in the IGaming world. In general, the goal was to increase brand awareness and conduct outreach lead generation with a special focus on IGaming industry specifics. Below, we recall how everything happened.

The Challenges

The strong side of our client is, of course, their product; however, one area that needed improvement was the lack of recognition. So, through outreach, we not only had to attract new clients but also enhance their brand awareness. Undoubtedly, gambling is a specific industry when it comes to collecting contacts, which need to be reached carefully and with a special approach.

The main challenge in this industry is the difficulty of finding the right people, as key decision-makers don't keep a professional, client-focused social media profile.This makes it hard for companies to identify their ideal customers on their own. Therefore, searching for the ICP in the right amounts for effective outreach wasn’t an easy task for us.

For successful work, it was crucial to deeply understand the product and the specific business communication with clients. I immersed myself in it completely and quickly mastered all the details of the iGaming Business.
Tania Lazutkina
SDR at Sparklead

Project KPI

The project KPI was 35 sales meetings with potential clients in 5 months. Additionally, our client had a request for a targeted pipeline of leads for their CRM system, which they planned to nurture through their marketing efforts. Through various marketing campaigns, we aimed to boost interest in the company and demonstrate that outreach can be effective with different approaches.

The Solution

Taking into account the specifics of ICP, we offered ABM to our client, using the Influ2 tool. With the help of a simultaneous 6 ad campaign across multiple channels targeting specific contacts, we captured their attention, identified the most warmed-up and interested accounts and contacts, and initiated outreach at the right moment—during the peak of their interest.

And, certainly, we used traditional outreach and event lead gen to boost one-on-one meetings.

The Results

Sparklead’s outreach efforts helped us better understand our ICPs and which marketing strategies resonate with them.
The client

Let's talk about what we achieved: surpassing the initial KPI by 105% fills us with pride and the desire to reach new heights. In terms of quality, our team helped the client understand their ideal ICP and find the best ways and channels to communicate with them.While regular outreach brought in promising prospects, most meetings happened at events for which we created invitations and connection messaging.

Why Sparklead: 

“We highly recommend Sparklead to others because of their friendly and open team, their commitment to transparency, and their willingness to share data without extra charges. These qualities make Sparklead a valuable choice for anyone in need of lead generation services.”

Here's what we accomplished:

  1. The Sparklead team is not only friendly but also highly approachable. They create a positive working environment, and everyone on their team is open, communicative, and welcoming. This makes the collaboration a pleasant experience.
  2. Sparklead is transparent about their methods and tools. They don't hide any information, providing clients with a clear understanding of their approach and the processes they follow. 
  3. Data Sharing Without Extra Charges: Sparklead goes the extra mile by sharing all the data without additional costs. Many service providers might charge extra for this, but Sparklead offers this as a valuable benefit. 
"Throughout our partnership, the quality of communication was truly professional, and we always felt confident in the results. Sparklead consistently delivered high-quality leads and contacts, which made it easy for us to know what actions to take. We were never left with any concerns; instead, we received valuable guidance and support. The collaboration with Sparklead was smooth, without any breakdowns, problems, or disappointing results." 

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